Arizona Construction Career Days Welcomes the Mining Industry


This information is from the United States Department of Labor

  • Construction is the only goods-producing sector in which employment is projected to grow
  • Construction employs approximately 6.9 million individuals annually
  • The value of construction in ’03 equaled $916 billion, which represents 8% of the US gross domestic product (GOP)
  • From June ’03 to June ’04 construction added 193,000 employees – nearly 1 out of 7 new non-farming jobs

Job Market

  • Shortage of qualified personnel
  • Aging work force (avg. 47 yrs. old)
  • Within next 10 yrs. 58.4% of jobs in US will be construction related
  • Construction industry is the second largest employer in US

Average starting pay scales for apprentices is between $11 and $15 per hour. They are required by Federal law to receive a raise at least once a year. Most get a raise every six months. 75% of apprentices are in programs that provide health care and pension benefits. These jobs are NOT for the “size three hat, size 18 collar” types. These are excellent career positions with very good pay and benefits. There is a very favorable career ladder for those who wish to grow and expand their talents.

Demand for skilled workers is so great that the number of apprentices in Arizona has more than doubled in the last five years, according to the Arizona Department of Commerce Apprenticeship Services Office.

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