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AZCCD gives students the chance to have a day to work in the Construction Industry with real life applications. These are just a few hands-on demonstrations available for students.

  • Building brick walls
  • CADD
  • Pipe design& build contest
  • Cement mixing and setting
  • Construct a toolbox
  • Estimating Projects
  • Design & build projects
  • Plumbing projects
  • Pipe Fitting
  • Operate Heavy Equipment – each student will have a professional operating engineer instructing them

 This event will teach students skills and knowledge about the construction science industry, a day students will never forget.

Students will have the chance to meet and work with LEADERS in Construction Industry! This is a great opportunity for students to learn about wages, benefits available in the construction science industry.

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Student Success Stories

Thank You Educators For All You Do For Our Students!

Cynthia Botello

Cynthia Botello

Cynthia Botello is a project engineer for Turner Construction. She has been with Turner for since 2011. In her career with Turner, she has had the opportunity to work with great clients like Intel. She has worked as a commissioning engineer internationally and is currently working on a 215,000 SF tenant improvement project for Boeing in Seattle, Washington. In 2010 Cynthia received her Bachelor of Science in Construction Management from the Del E Webb School of Construction at Arizona State University. She is a native of Mexico and grew up in West Phoenix, Arizona. She graduated with honors from Carl Hayden High School in 2007. She received the Principals Award, Estrella Del Ano (Star of the Year) Award, Outstanding Student Award from Future Business Leaders of America, and was featured in the OPHRA Magazine April Online Edition. Cynthia is the oldest of the siblings and is a first college generation student. Her cultural background and focus on the community has led her to several volunteering opportunities. Cynthia participated in Construction Career Days as a senior in high school. She continued her involvement with AZCCD as a volunteer all through college and since 2011 she has volunteered as a construction professional with Turner Construction. Cynthia is also an active participant in Advancing Women in Construction National Association of Women in Construction, ACE Mentor Program, Lean Construction Institute, Rebuilding Together, Habitat for Humanity, Paint-A-Thon, and Sky Harbor Coalition Clean up. She is also a contributor to the Carl Hayden Falcons Robotics team and the Hispanic Mother Daughter Program. Through her great efforts at work, Cynthia was recognized as an employee of the year and was awarded the 2012 Turner Staff Award. Cynthia aspires to become a leader in her community to inspire and motivate others to fight for their dreams.
Meredith Alarcio-Caldon

Meredith Alarcio-Caldon

I, Meredith Alarcio-Caldon, appreciated that companies were so enthusiastic to teach students about the different opportunities that were available through construction. Companies were willing to say that the only path after high school wasn’t college, and that there are other options. I found it very beneficial that there were multiple companies from all different disciplines of construction. The variety of companies and the activities they offer help students already interested in certain fields/disciplines learn more about those fields, while also helping students interested in multiple possibly narrow down to the one they are most passionate about. I also found it encouraging to see women there representing the companies that they were with. Not many girls are interested in construction in high school so it was reassuring at the time. Being in the industry now, I hope to get more involved in helping to educate students on construction and the different paths that are possible.

Edward Christensen

My name is Edward Christensen, I am 19 years old and I attended construction career days in 2017. I’m currently employed with JFK electrical contracting and I am attending the ABA which is a 4 year apprenticeship course to become a journeyman electrician. Attending construction career days allowed me to talk to real professionals in the industry and possible job opportunities. It is a great event for anyone seeking to get into construction as each table will have business cards and someone willing to explain benefits for their company. It is also a great event for anyone who has not decided on a career path as most tables will have a demonstration that students can participate and do what workers do in the field.
Jordan Glen

Jordan Glen

When I, Jordan Glen, was a sophomore in high school, I had the privilege to attend my first construction career day where I found several rare opportunities I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. From driving tractors to laying block and even driving a semi-truck in a simulator, I was able to experience the different aspects of many trades and also meet some remarkable people. I attended AZCCD the following two years and what I remember most is how interactive the events were. Whether I was laying block or running wire, I was able to be mentored for a few minutes by experts who showed me how to improve my skills. I look back at those days as an invaluable experience that I think every high school student should have the same opportunity to have as well.


AZCCD was only the beginning for Cristie who went to her first Construction Career Days as a freshman in high school and she has attended CCD events every year since then.
Cristie completed her training with the Northern Arizona Vocational Institute of Technology in their Heavy Equipment Operations program about 2 weeks before actually graduating from high school.

Cristie already has a good command and knowledge of nearly 20 different pieces of equipment ranging from a skid steer, a blade, a scraper, backhoe, loader, excavator, 10 wheel dump truck and much more.

Cristie became extremely interested in the construction industry after attending the AZCCD, event held at the National Guard Papago Site in Phoenix during her last year in Jr. High School. Her interest became stronger after her freshman and sophomore year when she again attended the same AZCCD Event and learned more about the industry, especially from women that were in it and loving it.

At the end of her sophomore year she learned that NAVIT was offering a brand new program of Heavy Equipment Operations that is partnered with Central Arizona College and she applied and was accepted. She has learned to run equipment, as well as completing courses on surveying, grade staking, soil testing and mine safety.